Join the World United virtual run and align with your favourite football team in the global battle against homelessness. This isn’t your ordinary 5k; it’s a movement with a purpose, and it’s the first-ever WORLD RUN of its kind, spanning over 70 countries in two days. By uniting participants through their shared love of football, this run is a testament to the power of collective action.

When you participate in the World United virtual run, you’re not just running; you’re contributing to a world without homelessness. All entry fees from the event support the Homeless World Cup Foundation (HWCF), an organisation dedicated to eradicating homelessness through the universal language of football.

Join this global community, where football fans from around the world come together to tackle homelessness. Join the movement, run for a cause, and be a part of a powerful community determined to change the world. Together, we can create a world without homelessness, one stride at a time.

1.2 million



goes to charity

More than 70

member countries

94% HWCF participants

had a positive impact on their lives

Yoo's Story

Dalwoo Yoo, a 23-year-old South Korean player, recently completed his remarkable journey at the Homeless World Cup, standing still with a grin as his newfound global football friends signed his cherished national jersey.


Growing up in an orphanage, Dalwoo developed a love for football and various sports. Despite facing challenges such as a lack of traditional family support and an injury that required surgery, he persevered.


His path to the Homeless World Cup began when he reconnected with his high school coach, who was now the coach of the South Korea Homeless World Cup team. This connection led to Dalwoo’s selection and participation in the tournament, where he embraced the positive impact of meeting people from different nations and experiencing diverse cultures.


While achieving his football dream, Dalwoo holds a deeply heartfelt ambition to open a bakery. He fondly remembers the “bread of love” shared with him by local people during his time at the orphanage. His dream is to open a bakery, share bread at Christmas with homeless individuals, and spread the same love and kindness that he once received as a child.

Shilpi's Story

Shilpi Yanti, a resident of the Jatayu area in Bandung, the city of her birth and upbringing, lives in a densely populated neighborhood with modest homes, each separated by just a wall. The area lacks open spaces for activities, and Shilpi resides with her parents and three younger siblings. As the eldest, she has been selling sports hijabs since 2019 to support their daily needs.


Shilpi’s journey to represent Indonesia in the Homeless World Cup Sacramento began with her participation in the selection program by Rumah Cemara. 


She was chosen as the goalkeeper for the Indonesian national team. Since joining the team, she has engaged in three weekly training sessions, where she learned street football techniques, strategies, and rules specific to the Sacramento 2023 Homeless World Cup.


Shilpi also maintains her fitness with regular exercises and is learning English to communicate with people from around the world in Sacramento. Shilpi’s pride and joy in representing her country on the international stage are boundless and beyond her wildest dreams.


In 2020, Valerij received the sudden news that he had cancer, not only one type of cancer but three.


He was in shock and feared the worse, as a recovering addict his first thought was to reach for a drink, to allow him the opportunity to run away from his problems.


Instead, his friends and team mates at FK Feniksas (FC Phoenix) told him to face up to his problems and go to the hospital.


After several chemotherapy treatments, including losing all of his hair and losing 12kg, Valerij made a full recovery. According to statistics in the country, only 3% of sufferers recover like Valerij did.


He knows how lucky he is and through football and being a part of the Homeless World Cup’s Member Country in Lithuania and being part of a team which gives him love and support, he found the strength to return to life and not to run away from it.


The Sacramento 2023 Homeless World Cup will be Valerij’s moment to look back on his journey and be proud of everything he’s acheived.

part of the action

In 2023, the Homeless World Cup Tournament took place in Sacramento. We joined hands to make a real difference in the fight against homelessness through the power of football.

Through our efforts, we not only supported the tournament but also contributed to the broader mission of the Homeless World Cup Foundation to eradicate homelessness using the universal language of football.

Our involvement showcased the power of unity and purpose in creating positive change.

The impact of our volunteer work extended far beyond the soccer field, embodying the spirit of compassion and inclusivity that is at the core of the Homeless World Cup’s mission.


You can support our work and help us reach even more people who are experiencing homelessness.

Here are some of the ways in which you can help the Homeless World Cup Foundation and contribute to a charity that has already changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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Virtual running operates similarly to traditional running, with the key distinction being that you can complete your run at a location of your choice, at your preferred time, and at your own pace. All that’s required is to choose a race and submit proof of your participation.

100% of all monies generated through merchandise sales goes to supporting the Homeless World Cup Foundation which uses football to end homelessness. For more information please visit www.homelessworldcup.org

Medals are sent 7-10 days prior to the event start date.

Your registration includes the free entry for the virtual run and the opportunity to buy “Champion for Change” medal and limited edition shirt which you will receive 7-10 days prior to the event. 

Simply sharing a photo of you and your friends wearing your champions medal on social media and remember to tag us. #worldunited5k. Receive reward points for completing your run that you can redeem in our marketplace saving up to 50%. If you don’t have social media simply email your photo to myrun@worldunited.com with your bib number and full name.

No, you may wear your favourite running shirt. The football shirt is suggested as it helps to build competition amongst the clubs and the fans. If you do not have a football shirt you can buy the World United top for £14.99 click here or you can find competitively priced football tops at our partner’s website www.soccertop.com

Yes, we ship “Champion for Homeless” medal and your race bib number worldwide. Worldwide shipping costs are £6.95

Having both Saturday and Sunday as race days gives you complete freedom to run when it’s best for you. You’re helping others by running so we want the race to be as easy & convenient for you as possible.


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